Stefania Zappalà

She returns to Caltanissetta, her native city, where she still lives; after an intense travelling, that has stimulated her assiduous artistic production, she finally decides to stop for a long period in the Netherlands. And it is precisely in Amsterdam, a place very dear to the artist, that explodes in her the desire to realize a passion already alive since adolescence: Painting. The inspiration emerges undoubtedly from the many trips, which have enriched both personally and artistically. This has allowed her to create original productions influenced by "Street Art" and Urban Art, absorbing contaminations present in Europe and beyond. Multiple her artistic collaborations in the creation of murals and extemporary paintings. With a comic trait, her acrylics, often touch on social issues, able to arouse in the user, food for thought. By means of her unmistakable stroke, decisive and instinctual, it is possible to recognize the uniqueness of her art and her experimentation. She has taken part in several installations, both as a creator, organizer and promoter of artistic and cultural events, and with solo and group exhibitions.

Works on show

“Connessioni 3D”

(2021, 40x115cm)
acrylic painting on canvas