Stefania Turco

Born in Caltanissetta, Veterinarian by profession, passionate about art in all its forms: from music to theater to painting; participates in various workshops and theater courses with actors and directors of national fame; approaches "by chance" to art in October 2018, when personal events lead her to a period of absence from work; rediscovers painting as "therapy" painting for herself mainly at night. The first works of cubist inspiration, give way to abstractionism and experimentation in which the technique prevails to impasto; more recently the experimentation of action painting and influences in Pollock style. Works mainly on canvas, but also murals on exterior and interior walls, not least the body painting. Participates in the first exhibition entitled "The Art that cares " in December 2019 by the 'cultural association Creative Spaces. In April 2020 she exhibits three of his works at the virtual museum "CO.VI.3D", by the Association Creative Spaces.
In December 2020 She creates a mural in the alley Cassetti in the historic center of the city of Caltanissetta, entitled ApPartenenzA.

Works on show


(2021, 150x100 cm)
acrylic painting on canvas