Sara Di Ventura

Daughter of Zdzislaw Lachur, one of the most important Polish painters of the twentieth century, whose works are found in major museums around the world, and founder of the famous "House of Animation of Bielsko-Biala", Sara Di Ventura Lachur was born in 1983 in Warsaw where she completed her first studies. She moved to Italy in 1998 and continued her studies attending the Art Institute in San Cataldo (CL) where she graduated in 2004 and enrolled in the 1st year of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania in 2009. Winner of National Prizes in Poland and Italy, she has participated in several collective exhibitions, always receiving excellent acclaim from the public and critics. The artist loves to turn her gaze towards that subtle and intense emotional relationship that is often established between man and the animal world of which she highlights the frequent parallels and correspondences. Excellent portraitist, has also worked for some time in the field of pictorial decoration in the field of furniture contributing, in addition, to the design and implementation of large carnival floats, and artistic murals in public and private places. She has participated in numerous competitions always receiving first prizes and gratifying awards. Since 2010 she lives in Caltanissetta where she combines her passion for art with family commitments.

Works on show


(2018, 100x70cm)
oil painting on canvas

" Empathy"

 (2018, 100x50cm)
oil painting on canvas