Salvatore Quasimodo's Hall

The room is dedicated to the poet Salvatore Quasimodo was born in Modica (Ragusa) on August 20, 1901. Quasimodo graduated at the Technical Institute and in the meantime published poems in some local symbolist magazines. In 1919 he was in Rome to study engineering. He also attended Latin and Greek courses. He was an Italian poet and translator, a prominent exponent of Hermeticism. He contributed to the translation of various compositions of the classical age, especially Greek operas, but also of theatrical works by Molière and William Shakespeare. He was a Nobel Prize winner for literature in 1959.

BRIDGES 2 – Round Trip


Lillo Signorello

He was born and lives in Caltanisseta. Important for his artistic training, which began at a very young age, was the guidance received from the master Sigon Ermanno. At the same time he studied the great masters, techniques and various trends in art. It is felt in his way of expressing himself, a continuous desire of search, placing himself, as aim the realization of forms and new visions (painting, sculpture and installations), with various materials. He has participated in numerous exhibitions, events, since the sixties getting various awards and acclaim. Painter of whimsical nature, with a meditative character, exuberant, cheerful; these are the essential qualities of the artist who has already impressed his imprint in the difficult pictorial field. Its chromatic texture, while not destroying the handwriting of the very personal drawing, gives a balanced light, which gives the work a considerable quality.

Lorenzo Lombardo

Born in Caltanissetta on September 26, 1949, he lives and works in Caltanissetta. Since 1963 he has carried out intense activity of painter participating in numerous exhibitions in regional, national and international field. Graduated Master of Art at the State Institute of Art "Basile" of Messina, he has undertaken the artistic activity. He works in the field of painting and sculpture with attention to Structuralism, composition and decomposition of images. The rhythm is preponderant in the works of Lombardo, rhythm that presents itself under geometric forms, colors and vibrations. The colors are almost drum strokes, sounding distinctly. The brush does not blend or confuse the colors, but dissects them. Sometimes the rhythm is descending and then there are the long lines. Sometimes the rhythm is rapid: and then it breaks everything. Sometimes again the rhythm is undulating: and then things sway. These signs are born and composed in linear or reticulated structures, means of a language that transports us into a silent world made of sounds and makes us feel that the artist in his work is able to capture new signs, almost fantastic and metaphysical sound vibrations, sensitively non-existent in his real world (given the total lack in his life of sound itself), but that he is able with overwhelming will to create, perceiving vibrations unknown to us.

Mara Librizzi

Born in CALTANISSETTA and resident in C/da Cozzo di Naro. Painter, poet, photographer. She has achieved the diploma of Artistic Maturity at the "Artistic High School and Academy of Fine Arts of PALERMO," carrying out immediately after the role of teacher in Drawing and History of the Art. She studied Architecture. Present, immediately after the artistic maturity in several EX-tempore, collective and personal exhibitions, achieving on these occasions, first prizes and awards. Engaged in social work, with her activity as a painter, poet, photographer. In Palermo, she participated in the exhibition of painting on terracotta plates, in favor of the disinherited of Frà Biagio Conte. In September 2004 she has prepared the canvas of the gonfalone, for the MADONNA dell'Alemanna of GELA. She gave space to other creative activities: she dedicated herself to photography as photoreporter for the newspaper "L'ORA" and "GRANDEVU", directed by the photographer Letizia Battaglia. She has been a drawer for "ll Giornale di Sicilia".

Michelangelo Lacagnina

Is an Interior Designer and a passionate Sicilian artist. Deeply linked to his mother land, he interprets the warmth and authenticity of Sicilian life and people using full-bodied, bright colors. In 1983, fascinated by ceramics and glass, Michelangelo starts to take part in important events and competitions in Bologna, Verona, Florence, Amalfi, Matera, Cagliari, Rome at “Complesso dei Dioscuri Quirinale” and Milan at “Expo 2015 International Contempory Art” finding collectors and consents all over the world. The most recent exhibitions are: “The Italian Art Fair 2015” at Al Barsha, Dubai, UAE, “Expo 2015” in Milan, “Ritratti” at the Quirinale in Rome, “La via degli Artisti” & “Auction” at the Berlin & Auction Gallery, in Berlin “Poetiche contemporanee” at the Arc Gallery in Milan. In Sicily, he has participated in various important exhibitions. Michelangelo’s artwork communicates overwhelming energy, he uses bright colours' which are everlasting in the viewer’s mind. Sicilian lifestyle and the colours of his beloved island represent the roots of his artistic inspiration

Maurizio Tomasello

Artist who ranges from sculpture to painting, from theater to fashion.Vittorio Sgarbi called him "the artist who makes the world more flowery. Many personal and collective exhibitions made throughout Sicily both painting and sculpture. He also creates fabrics for the fashion world. His sculptures more known "the Tomasello" art to wear. He also dressed Miss Italy 2017 Alice Rachele Arlanch with one of his sculptures. He participated in many extemporaneous, which were held throughout Sicily, winning several of them.

Sara Di Ventura

Daughter of Zdzislaw Lachur, one of the most important Polish painters of the twentieth century, whose works are found in major museums around the world, and founder of the famous "House of Animation of Bielsko-Biala", Sara Di Ventura Lachur was born in 1983 in Warsaw where she completed her first studies. She moved to Italy in 1998 and continued her studies attending the Art Institute in San Cataldo (CL) where she graduated in 2004 and enrolled in the 1st year of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania in 2009. The artist loves to turn her gaze towards that subtle and intense emotional relationship that is often established between man and the animal world of which she highlights the frequent parallels and correspondences. Excellent portraitist, has also worked for some time in the field of pictorial decoration in the field of furniture contributing, in addition, to the design and implementation of large carnival floats, and artistic murals in public and private places. Since 2010 she lives in Caltanissetta where she combines her passion for art with family commitments

Jolanda Chesonis

Jolanda Chesonis is the current chairperson of the Alytus-Rochester Sister Cities Committee. She has enjoyed drawing and painting since she was a child. She has worked for both Not for Profit and For-Profit organizations and found ways throughout her career to express her creative side. She draws much of her inspiration from the natural beauty in the world around her, its rhythms and peacefulness, and hopes that each person sees something unique to themselves when viewing her work.

Alexander Oligerov

Was born in 1965. In 1988-93 learning in State Pedagogical University in St. Petersburg. Oligerov’s pictures are in a collections of the Moscow’s State Museum of Modern Art (Moscow); of the Museum of Nonconformist’s Art of Art-center “Pushkinskaya 10” (St. Petersburg); of the State regional Pskov’s Museum of Art; of the State regional Novgorod’s Museum of Art, of the State regional Murmansk’s Museum of Art. In private collections, greatest of which is the collection of vice-president of corporation “Samsung " Mr. Li Gil Han (more than 42 pictures). Solo exhibitions were in Moscow, Paris, Beijing, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Friedrichstadt, Geneva, Nanterre, Bielefeld, Strasbourg, Lappeenranta, Taipei, Novgorod and Pskov.