Michelangelo Lacagnina

Is an Interior Designer and a passionate Sicilian artist. Deeply linked to his mother land, he interprets the warmth and authenticity of Sicilian life and people using full-bodied, bright colors. In 1983, fascinated by ceramics and glass, Michelangelo starts to take part in important events and competitions in Bologna, Verona, Florence, Amalfi, Matera, Cagliari, Rome at “Complesso dei Dioscuri Quirinale” and Milan at “Expo 2015 International Contempory Art” finding collectors and consents all over the world. The most recent exhibitions are: “The Italian Art Fair 2015” at Al Barsha, Dubai, UAE, “Expo 2015” in Milan, “Ritratti” at the Quirinale in Rome, “La via degli Artisti” & “Auction” at the Berlin & Auction Gallery, in Berlin “Poetiche contemporanee” at the Arc Gallery in Milan. In Sicily, he has participated in various important exhibitions such as: “Omaggio a Salvatore Fiume” in Caltanissetta and Comiso, “Suggestioni mediterranee” for Taormina Arte, a collateral event during G7. Michelangelo’s artwork has also been selected by Poste Italiane for designed the philatelic cancellation, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Luigi Pirandello’s birth, showed during the exclusive event “Sicilia Colore e Sentimento” in Porto Empedocle (AG). His Homage to Frida Kahlo led him to exhibit at Palazzo delle Cancellerie Vaticane, Rome in 2017, Bergamo, Milan, Lucca, Ragusa Ibla in 2018, Florence and Forte dei Marmi in 2019 and in the exhibition "Homenaje a Frida" Mexico City in 2019. Michelangelo is one of the artists selected by Dolce & Gabbana for a particular project: an exclusive line of unique hand decorated Smeg refrigerators inspired by Sicilian tradition and art. His pieces are sold at Harrods, London, and have been exhibited in Milano, Los Angeles, Vancouver and New York. In recent years he has started several collaborations with companies for limited edition collections, such as: artist covers for Coverland, author's T-shirts for Momo’s Tee, colorful artistic straps for Taac straps. Michelangelo’s paintings have been selected for food packaging, of Freni’s Pastry and Tentazioni e Sapori Torronifici. Michelangelo’s artwork communicates overwhelming energy, he uses bright colours' which are everlasting in the viewer’s mind. Sicilian lifestyle and the colours of his beloved island represent the roots of his artistic inspiration.

Works on show

 “ Loving Gifts ”

(2020, 80x80cm)
acrylic and china paintin