Mauro Fornasero

Born in 1964, architect. He began to draw and paint as a child, in the last 14 years or so he has undertaken a new language more inclined to the expression of feelings, for the use of strong colors, the dynamism of the lines, and the constant reference to the urban environment, both as the main subject and as "background", in this remaining influenced by his university studies. He mainly uses acrylic colors. He also expresses with the use of color and line his personal interpretation of Sicilianity, using in some works the main symbols of Sicily. In addition to paintings, he expresses his creativity also decorating wooden objects, vases and more. He is also fond of photography. He exhibited in several group and personal exhibitions, both in Italy and abroad. He had some publications, prizes and awards, both for painting and photography.

Works on show

 “ The road to the future ”

(2016, 70x50cm)
acrylic painting on canvas 

“ Room with a view ”

  (2015, 70x100cm) 
acrylic painting on canvas