Marco Madonia

Young artist born 1997 in Palermo. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo, he has been widely active in analogue and digital photography, creating numerous projects with important professionals in the world of art and not, establishing relationships of trust and collaboration with many foreign countries. He is interested in different forms of art such as painting, sculpture, photography and cinema, and in continuous experimentation with different languages, including computer science, refining technical skills regarding the processing and design of digital images. Professional Experiences He has collaborated with several magazines such as "Artribune", "Corriere della Sera, etc.. Intern at the Civic Museum of Castelbuono where he edited the catalog of works of contemporary art, 2019 Served as assistant curator for Lupo Borgonovo's "ZEESTER" exhibition at MCC, 2019 Produced video material for the electronic music festival "YpsigroRock" 2019 edition. Artistic Experiences 2nd place in the national competition "The Power Of Imagination" HuffPost Italy, 2020 Artwork "Inside" in the exhibition "The First Outlook" Shenyang in China, 2019 3rd Place in the regional competition "Damarete" Agrigento, 2015-2016 1st place in the national competition "Occhi Aperti Sulla Città". Italia Nostra Rome, 2013-2014 

Works on show

“ Broken Communication ”

  (2021, 44x1,93x19cm)
3D Digital Modeling