Mara Librizzi

Born in CALTANISSETTA and resident in C/da Cozzo di Naro. Painter, poet, photographer. She has achieved the diploma of Artistic Maturity at the "Artistic High School and Academy of Fine Arts of PALERMO," carrying out immediately after the role of teacher in Drawing and History of the Art. She studied Architecture. Present, immediately after the artistic maturity in several EX-tempore, collective and personal exhibitions, achieving on these occasions, first prizes and awards. Engaged in social work, with her activity as a painter, poet, photographer. In Palermo, she participated in the exhibition of painting on terracotta plates, in favor of the disinherited of Frà Biagio Conte. In September 2004 she has prepared the canvas of the gonfalone, for the MADONNA dell'Alemanna of GELA. She gave space to other creative activities: she dedicated herself to photography as photoreporter for the newspaper "L'ORA" and "GRANDEVU", directed by the photographer Letizia Battaglia. She has been a drawer for "ll Giornale di Sicilia". She has interpreted gestural mimicry at the Teatro Libero di Palermo "INCONTROAZIONE", directed by Beno Mazzone, inserting drawings of scenography performed in the Faculty of Architecture for the scenography section, directed by Prof. Painter Gino Morici. Performance, with the visual poet Lamberto Pignotti. In Palermo in 2002 she was awarded the nomination of "ACADEMIC" by the National Academy of Letters Arts and Sciences "RUGGERO ll of SICILY". On March 9, 2003 (eve of the war in IRAQ), poetic performance and personal exhibition dedicated to "the PEACE against the wars". In this occasion: the painting on canvas "my Ulivo Saraceno", an olive tree of her land. In October 2005, on the occasion of the national and international event "Mail Art LIBERTANDO", she presented a 'work of graphics and poetry, curated by multimedia artist Franco Spena. She participated in "Nonsolo Barocco", an international festival of cinema and culture held in Modica from April 9 to 25, 2007. In 2014 she illustrated with graphics nine nursery rhymes, written by Prof. Sergio Mangiavillano about the various quartiers and situations of Caltanissetta.

Works on show

 “ My Saracen Olive Tree ”

(2003, 70x100 cm)
 oil painting on canvas