Lorenzo Pompeo Lombardo

Born in Caltanissetta on September 26, 1949, he lives and works in Caltanissetta. Since 1963 he has carried out intense activity of painter participating in numerous exhibitions in regional, national and international field. Graduated Master of Art at the State Institute of Art "Basile" of Messina, he has undertaken the artistic activity. He works in the field of painting and sculpture with attention to Structuralism, composition and decomposition of images. The rhythm is preponderant in the works of Lombardo, rhythm that presents itself under geometric forms, colors and vibrations. The colors are almost drum strokes, sounding distinctly. The brush does not blend or confuse the colors, but dissects them. Sometimes the rhythm is descending and then there are the long lines. Sometimes the rhythm is rapid: and then it breaks everything. Sometimes again the rhythm is undulating: and then things sway. These signs are born and composed in linear or reticulated structures, means of a language that transports us into a silent world made of sounds and makes us feel that the artist in his work is able to capture new signs, almost fantastic and metaphysical sound vibrations, sensitively non-existent in his real world (given the total lack in his life of sound itself), but that he is able with overwhelming will to create, perceiving vibrations unknown to us.

Works on show

“ Between sea and land ”

(2017, 60x60cm)
  acrylic painting on canvas