Leonardo Sciascia's Hall

Leonardo Sciascia was born in Racalmuto, in the province of Agrigento in 1921. In Caltanissetta he attended the master's institute and Vitalino Brancati was his teacher. He approached anti-fascism and read many North American authors. In 1943 he worked as an employee in the offices for the mandatory storage of wheat, an activity that led Leonardo Sciascia to meet the reality of the peasant world. Subsequently he taught without too much enthusiasm at the primary school of Racalmuto. During his elementary school work, Sciascia approached writing and in 1950 he wrote "Favole della dictatura" and in 1952 La Sicilia, his heart, and collaborated with various newspapers such as "La Stampa" and "L’Espresso". In 1957 he dropped out of teaching to devote himself full time as a writer. He wrote numerous works including "Gli zii di sicilia" and his most famous novel: "il giorno della civetta", in which he denounced the so called mafia in Sicily. In the seventies he also dedicated himself to political life, both as a city councilor in Palermo, a position he held briefly, both as a deputy in the national parliament.

BRIDGES 2 – Round Trip


Stefania Zappalà

She returns to Caltanissetta, her native city, where she still lives; after an intense travelling, that has stimulated her assiduous artistic production, she finally decides to stop for a long period in the Netherlands. And it is precisely in Amsterdam, a place very dear to the artist, that explodes in her the desire to realize a passion already alive since adolescence: Painting. The inspiration emerges undoubtedly from the many trips, which have enriched both personally and artistically. This has allowed her to create original productions influenced by "Street Art" and Urban Art, absorbing contaminations present in Europe and beyond. Multiple her artistic collaborations in the creation of murals and extemporary paintings. With a comic trait, her acrylics, often touch on social issues, able to arouse in the user, food for thought. By means of her unmistakable stroke, decisive and instinctual, it is possible to recognize the uniqueness of her art and her experimentation. She has taken part in several installations, both as a creator, organizer and promoter of artistic and cultural events, and with solo and group exhibitions.

Agostino Tulumello

He was born in Montedoro (CL) in 1959. He attended the state institute of art in San Cataldo and the Royal Academy of Liege. The effort of this artist is focused, since the first years of his intense activity, to the achievement of the concept of "pure creation". He wants to center and base this thesis through an incessant analysis on the neutrality of time that is understood and expressed as a unit of measure, as a musical and mathematical scanning, as abscissas and ordinates, as a pause, as a stationing and as a journey. He has exposed since 1985 in numerous national and international exhibitions.

Marzia Calì

She was born in San. Cataldo (Cl) in 1975 In 1994 she obtains the Diploma of Maturity of Applied Art at the Regional Institute of Art. In 2000 she completed her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Catania in the course of Decoration. The conscious research that faces is to look at bringing it out of his inner life. He pursues in his works the speed of execution through the use of abstract and impetuous signs. In the Informal his roots that characterize a constant emotional charge and an unbridled freedom of expression. In the last 10 years he is interested in ceramic processing, unpredictable technique that could not remain extraneous. "The earth, the glazes, the fire have their own laws and remain pleasantly subjected to them".

Noemi Ballacchino

Born in Palermo in 1986, she attended the Liceo artistico obtaining a diploma in applied art. Immediately after she moved to Catania, where she attended the Academy of Fine Arts and completed her university studies at the Chair of Sculpture with honors. In these years she takes part to several collective exhibitions and symposia both in Italy and abroad. She plays the role of teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania for the chair of Techniques and Technology of Sculpture and Ornamental Plastic. In 2011 she moved to Rome and continues her studies by qualifying as Art Therapist and operator in artistic mediation. Since March 2016 she has been teaching Art in different schools in Italy. She proposes several extracurricular workshops in different schools and associations. She actively collaborates with various cultural realities of Caltanissetta where she carries out her profession at her experimental/experiential studio "L'Arte di Noè". She continues her training and her artistic research by participating in workshops and national and international exhibitions

Angela Amato

Angela Amato is from the Finger Lakes area of NYS & has had many years of experience as an Artist, and a Drawing and Painting Instructor. Her paintings have been sold in the USA nationally and internationally. She won The New York Governor Award and the Kennedy Center Award in collaboration with Project U.N.I.Q.U.E., and the Wallace Memorial Award. Amato was also merited with the Artist Project Award by the Rockefeller Foundation, the Wilmot Foundation & the Andy Warhol Foundation.

Anna Giannone

Figurative artist, she uses different expressive techniques: from watercolor to installations, from drawing to oil. Degree in Economics at the University of Catania. Worked as Internal Auditor. Responsible for the Anti-Violence Center Galatea and the Tulip of Caltanissetta and Spokesman of the Coordination against violence against women. She has curated exhibitions and events in Caltanissetta. He has to her credit personal and collective exhibitions at galleries in Caltanissetta, Rome and Turin.

Carol Acquilano

Carol Acquilano is a painter and printmaker. A native Rochesterian, she maintains a studio and also works directly from nature en-plein-air. Her work is expressive and imaginative. She is best known for her landscapes, and also mines the language of abstraction. Carol has cultivated her skills with a broad spectrum of travel/painting experiences. During the past 40 years she has made numerous painting trips to Italy and is wildly inspired by the Italian landscape and culture.

Maureen Outlow Church

She enjoyed a three decade career as an art educator in the Greece Central School District. She retired from teaching in 2017 to become a full-time painter. Since then, she has moved her studio to The Hungerford Building in downtown Rochester, joined the Genesee Valley Plein Air Painter group, and the "Working with Wax" a group of encaustic painters in Rochester, NY. She traveled to the Burren College of Art in Ireland to further explore encaustic wax painting. She is a part time art instructor at The Mill Arts Center and Gallery in Honeoye Falls, and she provides private art lessons in her studio, as her schedule allows.

Marco Madonia

Young artist born 1997 in Palermo. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo, he has been widely active in analogue and digital photography, creating numerous projects with important professionals in the world of art and not, establishing relationships of trust and collaboration with many foreign countries. He is interested in different forms of art such as painting, sculpture, photography and cinema, and in continuous experimentation with different languages, including computer science, refining technical skills regarding the processing and design of digital images. Professional Experiences He has collaborated with several magazines such as "Artribune", "Corriere della Sera, etc.. Intern at the Civic Museum of Castelbuono where he edited the catalog of works of contemporary art, 2019 Served as assistant curator for Lupo Borgonovo's "ZEESTER" exhibition at MCC, 2019 Produced video material for the electronic music festival "YpsigroRock" 2019 edition.