Ivana Urso

Birth: December 17, 1978, S. Cataldo (CL) Biography: She starts very young the study of applied arts that will lead her to attend the Regional Institute of Art of San Cataldo and the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania where she reveals a particular talent for the course of Pictorial Decoration; in 2002 she graduated with 110/110. She later moved to Rome, where she began a personal research for experimental glass fusion and engraving as well as painting. Realizing several works on commission from different artists. Artistic-cultural profile: She joined the Pentastratism movement in 2017, an artistic movement of Italian contemporary art artists, where she exalts the beauty and gestures of abstract art in her own way. Acknowledgements and publications - 2010 ART "Artistic Craftsmanship" in Lazio - 2012 Selected for the competition of self-produced design Rome - 2020 Artistic Career Award Professional experiences achievements - 2011 Realization of the work Perseus and Medusa by the artist Oliviero Rainaldi - 2015 Realization of stained glass windows in glass fusion for the church Nostra Signora delle Grazie Sestu (CA) 2015 on a project by the artist Bruno Tavani Artistic activity in recent years - 2020 The colors, passions and flavors of Sicily meet Contemporary Art, curated by historian and art critic Giorgio Grasso. San Cataldo - 2020 Exhibition at the Venice Art Gallery Venice - 2020 Presentation in the transmission The Art by Giorgio Grasso of my work Lunar Emotions 20/06 /2020 - 2021 International review of the artist's book Mediterraneus Spain.

Works on show

“Incontro 2”

(2021, 43x53cm)

mixed technique on finnish cardboard