Gino Morici's Hall

The room is dedicated to the eclectic Gino Morici. He was born in 1901 in Palermo where he lived and worked. In 1925 he won the"Pensionatonazionale di decorazione" and from 1931 he taught decoration and scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo. A Painter who ranged from design to scenography, he was an anarchist in his youth and defender of the Camera del Lavoro in Palermo against the exploitation of the regime and the gangs. Among the several works, in 1933 he began to work on some interiors of the Palazzo delle Poste in Caltanissetta, now owned by the Banca Sicana which has renovated i and for which he later completed Allegory of Italy (1939), oil on board, inwhat was once the Telegraph Room.

BRIDGES 2 – Round Trip


Paolo Amico

Born in San Cataldo in 1987, he lives and works between Sicily and Turin. He undertook artistic studies immediately, since he was a child he knew he wanted to be an artist, already at the age of 7 years he discovered a strong predisposition for drawing, from that day he never stopped drawing and already at a young age he came into contact with the tools more congenial to him that are the ballpoint pens, as a child he used the classic pen Carioca 10 colors. After graduation he worked for two years in a restoration company and as an assistant at the university, years in which he found the pens in his path and began to create works using the colored bic, initially attracted by artificial lights he created projects dedicated to urban nightscape, until the last projects dedicated to the portrait. Between solo and group exhibitions, in 2012 at the Art Award he won the Golden Plaque, from which he derives a great artistic growth by exhibiting in 2013 in Pietrasanta and Milan.

Alberto Antonio Foresta

Born in Caltanissetta on 12/12/1990 and raised in the nearby San Cataldo, Alberto Antonio Foresta is passionate about art from an early age and especially painting, thanks to the influence of his father Vincenzo, also a painter. He undertakes academic studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo, where he obtained a bachelor's degree in Art Didactics with the thesis Einfühlung, "Feeling inside" the work of art. The empathic process between the artistic object and the spectator through physiognomy, empathy and neuroscience; he continues his theoretical studies in Florence, graduating in History of Art at the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy, with a thesis entitled La critica d'arte di David Freedberg. From "The Power of Images" to neuroscience; he currently lives and works between Palermo and Milan, a place of unprecedented experimentation and research. Interested in society and its contradictions, through the use of multiple channels of expression, from photography to painting, from installation to video art, highlights, with a critical or ironic look, the natural propensity to everyday life, family affections, interests and cultural references, placing himself in a broader interpretative overview.

Patrizia Cataldo

She was born in Caltanissetta on 25/09/1962, teacher of Motor Sciences at the Institute Sen. A. Di Rocco of Caltanissetta. She has participated in several collective and made several personal from 1996 to 2005 in Sicily between Agrigento, Caltanissetta and neighboring towns. She exhibited at the Town Hall, Palazzo Moncada, Scarabelli Library and Cefpas. From 2006 also important galleries of Udine, Pordenone and Lignano Sabbiadoro. She has produced two catalogs both entitled "recent works" between 2008 and 2011. She has collaborated with the artistic associations " Space art evolution" and Space art 89 " of Caltanissetta. She participated in the first exhibition organized by Agerica BRIDGES- attraversamenti trasversali 2017 and painted two large murals at the Institute Se. A. Di Rocco of Caltanissetta. She makes works on canvas and graphic works. She has her own permanent exhibition/studio in Caltanissetta in via Carnevale, 23

Mauro Fornasero

Born in 1964, architect. He began to draw and paint as a child, in the last 14 years or so he has undertaken a new language more inclined to the expression of feelings, for the use of strong colors, the dynamism of the lines, and the constant reference to the urban environment, both as the main subject and as "background", in this remaining influenced by his university studies. He mainly uses acrylic colors. He also expresses with the use of color and line his personal interpretation of Sicilianity, using in some works the main symbols of Sicily. In addition to paintings, he expresses his creativity also decorating wooden objects, vases and more. He is also fond of photography. He exhibited in several group and personal exhibitions, both in Italy and abroad. He had some publications, prizes and awards, both for painting and photography.

Stefania Turco

Born in Caltanissetta, Veterinarian by profession, passionate about art in all its forms: from music to theater to painting; participates in various workshops and theater courses with actors and directors of national fame; approaches "by chance" to art in October 2018, when personal events lead her to a period of absence from work; rediscovers painting as "therapy" painting for herself mainly at night. The first works of cubist inspiration, give way to abstractionism and experimentation in which the technique prevails to impasto; more recently the experimentation of action painting and influences in Pollock style. Works mainly on canvas, but also murals on exterior and interior walls, not least the body painting. Participates in the first exhibition entitled "The Art that cares " in December 2019 by the 'cultural association Creative Spaces. In April 2020 she exhibits three of his works at the virtual museum "CO.VI.3D", by the Association Creative Spaces. In December 2020 She creates a mural in the alley Cassetti in the historic center of the city of Caltanissetta, entitled ApPartenenzA.

Ivana Urso

Birth: December 17, 1978, S. Cataldo (CL) Biography: She starts very young the study of applied arts that will lead her to attend the Regional Institute of Art of San Cataldo and the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania where she reveals a particular talent for the course of Pictorial Decoration; in 2002 she graduated with 110/110. She later moved to Rome, where she began a personal research for experimental glass fusion and engraving as well as painting. Realizing several works on commission from different artists. Artistic-cultural profile: She joined the Pentastratism movement in 2017, an artistic movement of Italian contemporary art artists, where she exalts the beauty and gestures of abstract art in her own way.

Filippo Bordonaro

Artistically self-taught, he graduated in the Decoration section at the Academy of Fine Arts "Giorgio De Chirico" in Riesi (CL), in 2011. While experimenting with traditional techniques of painting and sculpture, in recent years he has focused his attention, in particular, on the use of the BIC pen on paper and canvas to represent - among other themes - lush and fantastic forests, the scene of visions and dream interpretations of flora and men and animals, prey to primal instincts. His jungles, thanks to the use of the black ballpoint pen, blue and sometimes red, are presented in a highly chiaroscuro monochrome that enhances the graphic qualities of the subject represented and recalls, at the same time, suggestions and echoes ranging from the great Flemish artistic tradition to fantasies naive and noir.

Dorota Hajduk

Born in 1987 in Rybnik, Poland. In 2012 she graduated from the Fine Arts Academy in Cracow (Faculty of Painting, Artistic Education) under the supervision of prof. Adam Brincken. She works most of all on abstract paintings-objects, also on drawings and photography, focusing on landscape, portrait and sacred subjects. Currently, she lives and works in Cracow, where she is also an art educator.