Filippo Bordonaro

Artistically self-taught, he graduated in the Decoration section at the Academy of Fine Arts "Giorgio De Chirico" in Riesi (CL), in 2011. While experimenting with traditional techniques of painting and sculpture, in recent years he has focused his attention, in particular, on the use of the BIC pen on paper and canvas to represent - among other themes - lush and fantastic forests, the scene of visions and dream interpretations of flora and men and animals, prey to primal instincts. His jungles, thanks to the use of the black ballpoint pen, blue and sometimes red, are presented in a highly chiaroscuro monochrome that enhances the graphic qualities of the subject represented and recalls, at the same time, suggestions and echoes ranging from the great Flemish artistic tradition to fantasies naive and noir. Solo exhibitions: 2015, * Corte Capitaniale, Caltagirone, "The Great Society", as part of the Biennial of Ceramics and Landscape Architecture, 2010, * Crypt of the Crucifix, Riesi (CL) "The colors of the passion"; * Church of the Calvary Riesi, "It's future. Group exhibitions: 2015, * Palazzo Platamone (Palace of Culture), Catania, "Artists of Sicily. From Pirandello to Iudice. New talents", 2014, * Chiesa Valdese, Riesi (CL), "Improvised Space. Summertime"

Works on show

 “  The old branch  ”

(2020, 20x20cm)
ballpoint pen on paper