Alberto Antonio Foresta

Born in Caltanissetta on 12/12/1990 and raised in the nearby San Cataldo, Alberto Antonio Foresta is passionate about art from an early age and especially painting, thanks to the influence of his father Vincenzo, also a painter. He undertakes academic studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo, where he obtained a bachelor's degree in Art Didactics with the thesis Einfühlung, "Feeling inside" the work of art. The empathic process between the artistic object and the spectator through physiognomy, empathy and neuroscience; he continues his theoretical studies in Florence, graduating in History of Art at the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy, with a thesis entitled La critica d'arte di David Freedberg. From "The Power of Images" to neuroscience; he currently lives and works between Palermo and Milan, a place of unprecedented experimentation and research. Interested in society and its contradictions, through the use of multiple channels of expression, from photography to painting, from installation to video art, highlights, with a critical or ironic look, the natural propensity to everyday life, family affections, interests and cultural references, placing himself in a broader interpretative overview. Over the years he has been the protagonist of personal and collective art exhibitions; in December 2014 he was one of the founders of the "MADRE Independent Contemporary Art Collective", of which he is a member together with 10 other artists of different cultural backgrounds. The collective has embarked on an itinerant exhibition project in different Italian and European cities. The entire investigation of Foresta encloses the hopes and evidence of artistic research of the early twentieth century, in its colors is concentrated the intention of the fauves. Over time, Foresta's continuous research becomes the only existential reason for practicing art: the historical needle is soon shifted, making a leap forward to the research of abstract expressionism: with the large canvases and vibrant color drafts of Rothko, Gottlieb, Newman, Reinhardt and all the representatives of color fild painting. So many cultural deposits that find their home in the themes and research ideas of his artistic creativity. Always aiming at experimentation and evolution, Foresta's work boasts a heterogeneous corpus, since the production is not limited to the exclusive use of the pictorial medium, but also exudes in expressive means of different nature.

Works on show

" The Third Melody "

(2021, 70x50cm)
   acrylic painting on canvas