"Culture is not a profession for a few: it is a condition for everyone, which completes the existence of man". This is how Elio Vittorini defined his personal idea of ​​culture, it was not only to be understood as an essential good, but above all something to be shared. These are the same principles that pushed, with determination and tenacity, to achieve the long-awaited result, the cultural association "Creative Spaces". This was born from the idea of ​​a young architect, he was able to involve an increasing number of valid people, with a particular dedication and openness to culture and creativity, forming a real team, a group of people who deal with design and of cultural development: from musician to designer etc. with a cauldron of ideas and initiatives. The activities are diversified and linked by a single underlying principle whereby the strategic role of culture and art is to generate creativity, mobility, imagination and intuition as a crucial axis for economic, social and human development.
The initial aim was to make the association a spokesperson to re-evaluate and rediscover the beauty of the territory, subsequently the mission became more difficult and extended, embracing the culture in its entirety, at 360 degrees, allowing all the various partners to become spectators and actors at the same time, capable above all of knowing how to transmit, with initiatives and events, the beauty of culture, spreading in every place, from school to the street, making young people the real protagonists, from adolescents to adults.
"Creative Spaces", is a laboratory which contains a forge of ideas and purposes of concrete and also conceptual organization, of requalifiable contexts. Follow the example of the visionary work carried out by associations that today make up our founding partnership, Creative Spaces’ aim is to carry out the drafting and implementation of projects, of designs aimed at bringing into vogue, spaces or ensembles, yielded to disuse. A virtual museum space where art manifests its greatness, allowing its use in a moment where everything seems impalpable.

Team Project Creative Spaces            

•Museum design, website, 3D graphic visualization and art direction: Arch. Eros Di Prima    
•Website: Valeria Lo Presti
• Press office: Law. Alfredo Dell'Utri

• Social media manager: Dr. Juri Di Prima
• Video Makers: Eliezer Lombardi, Alfredo Dell'Utri and Valeria Lo Presti
• Translation author: Dr. Francesca Amico